About Foo Foo

Foo Foo La Belle is a renowned Burlesque and Belly Dancer, founder of www.burlesquecardiff.com and www.bellydancewales.co.uk


A classically trained dancer with over 20 years of performing experience in all types of entertainment and theatre.

Her career has included working as a

Show Girl in China,

Show Girl in Hong Kong,

Show Girl in Jersey,

Elephant riding in Sweden's National Circus

Taking principle roles in Pantomimes

Touring her own cabaret acts.


Foo Foo is also a popular Belly Dancer who has entertained audiences of many different ethnicity both at home and abroad.

 As a Burlesque Performer she has a huge catalog of different characters and themes props.

Click here to see her performance photos:


All brought to life with beautiful choreography lots of panache and audience participation.


Her work is alternatively humorous, erotic, cheeky, comic, and dark.